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Our products are based mainly on traditional herbal remedies. They are planet-friendly, FDA approved and HALAL complaint.

LS Dietary Supplement

LS Dietary Supplement is perfect for everyday detoxification and for regular bowel function.


20 vitamins and minerals in a single tablet for super health and energy. Nourishes, detoxifies and reduces inflammation.

Very Strong

Prevention and symptomatic relief of benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer
Enhances sexual performance and sperm production

Herbal Toothpaste

2 Innovative formulas

6 Premium Natural ingredients

3 Premium additional ingredients

For a white fresh smile

So Fresh Soap
So Fresh Soap

Suitable for all skin types
Organic citrus extract (Biosecur C160S)

So Fresh Soap
Léviana Sunscreen

Sunscreen and foundation

So Fresh Soap
Léviana Perfect Serum

Super concentrated skin booster

So Fresh Soap
​Leviana Deep Cleansing Foam

 - Moisturizing and balancing formula.

About Our Shop

Partnering with WP Health Company, we have been able to use our experience to develop an international market.

WP Health and ThaiNaturalHealth are family owned businesses focussed on Natural Herbal medicines & green products. Their extensive knowledge has enabled them to keep developing new products & they are always looking for varieties of Thai herbs which are known to be beneficial.

Our primary business is based around health & wellbeing and the environment, so we take hygiene very seriously indeed. All our products are FDA approved and also certified by the Central Islamic Council of Thailand as HALAL.


As we get older we need some help in keeping in shape and healthy. I have always preferred natural remedies. Since taking the BStrong supplement on a daily basis I have more energy and vitality. I also take the LS supplement from time to time to keep me regular.


Pieter Boshoff


I have a problem with being regular. Since taking LS Supplement on a daily basis my bowel movements have been regular and great. I am now starting on BStrong as well, as I am very pleased with these natural supplements.


Wilson Koh


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