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Our products are based mainly on traditional herbal remedies. They are planet-friendly, FDA approved and HALAL complaint.

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Partnering with WP Health Company, we have been able to use our experience to develop an international market.

ThaiNaturalHealth is a family owned businesses started by Amin Prateepmueang - a deaf Thai who also operates as a travel guide for deaf people from all over the world.

Amin knows Thai, ASL, Arabic and Chinese sign languages and can therefor communicate with all his customers. He can also lip-read and speak Thai. He is therefor well equipped to handle all his customers needs.

Our primary business is based around health & wellbeing and the environment, so we take hygiene very seriously indeed. All our products are FDA approved and also certified by the Central Islamic Council of Thailand as HALAL.


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As we get older we need some help in keeping in shape and healthy. I have always preferred natural remedies. Since taking the BStrong supplement on a daily basis I have more energy and vitality. I also take the LS supplement from time to time to keep me regular.


Pieter Boshoff


I have a problem with being regular. Since taking LS Supplement on a daily basis my bowel movements have been regular and great. I am now starting on BStrong as well, as I am very pleased with these natural supplements.


Wilson Koh


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